Jonathan Glowacki was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He resides in Portland, Oregon where he turns wood full time from his home studio. He displays at galleries and shows mainly on the west coast. Since childhood, he’s always been passionate about using his hands. This led him to pursue the art of wood turning. He tends to use local woods such as big leaf maple, manzanita and cottonwood, which are salvaged from trees in Oregon & California. Every piece is hand shaped on a wood lathe, in several stages, during a process that spans ten to fourteen months. The pieces of wood he selects often have numerous voids and imperfections into which he will crush and inlay stone such as turquoise, lapis lazuli and chrysocolla. Finding and revealing the inner beauty of a burly, decaying piece of wood is his passion. This passion allows him to recognize the inner beauty, not only of the trees, but in everything, starting within himself and branching out to the world. Each piece reveals itself throughout the creative process, resulting in uniquely original works. His pieces are finished with walnut oil & bees wax, allowing the natural aesthetic of the trees to be the focal point.

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